WESPAC CRUISE 1967 - 1970

U.S.S. Tombigbee Shoulder Patch

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The photo albums display photographs (scanned from slides) taken by EN3 Smith and/or SK2 Begnaud unless noted other wise…

The pictures within the “albums” are located in albums such as swim call, fueling operations (fuel ops), liberty call, birthdays, Christmas, etc., etc…

The photo albums are set up to show the pictures as a “slide show” (automatically), but the pictures can be viewed individually by clicking on an individual picture within the frame of the opened album…  (The pictures can also be viewed “full screen”)

The images are captioned when information is available as to what the picture is showing or the locale of the picture; some captions “repeat” if no other information is available… (If you recognize a person in the pictures, or a location in the pictures, feel free to contact the web custodian of this site using the contact form)

Welcome to the Photo Albums Page…







Album Set One Album Set Two

By SK2 Begnaud

By EN3 Smith